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Gardeners are looking for ever blooming plants. In this respect, Dipladenia varieties are the top 3 bloomers among all the plants available today!

The Diamantina® collection offers a wide range of possibilities: hanging baskets, flower beds, planters, treillis, large containers. Diamantina® varieties can also be mixed with other plants, not to mention the wide range of colors that makes Diamantina® available to all tastes and situations.

For flower beds:

Use the following Diamantina® of the series: Compact varieties with outstanding colors.

For planters:

Use the following Diamantina®: Use the following varieties if you look for trailing Dipladenia:
new usages of Dipladenia
Utilisation des Dipladenia For balcony:

Climbing Dipladenia can cover larges surfaces with countless flowers. We recommend: Diamantina® Agathe serie: Agathe 'White', or Agathe 'Scarlet'. Pease mix the colors for a fantastic result!

Try Diamantina® Opale 'Citrine' that can bloom 12 months out of the year if placed in a conservatory. Goldy yellow color with astonishing effect!

The newly introduced Diamantina® Tourmaline serie (novelty 2013) comprises two bushy plant habit varieties with very large flowers and ‘tender’ pink and rose colors. Please try Tourmaline 'Rose', Tourmaline 'Rose Splash', Toumaline 'Pink', Toumaline 'Deep Rose' and Toumaline 'White & Pink Star'.

In containers:

Do not hesitate to place containers of Diamantina® where no other plants thrive such as full sun zones. We recommend: Because of the color resistance to the sun and also the drought resistance, the Jade serie is particularly recommended for the most challenging situation!

For walls and lattices:

Depending on the varieties, Diamantina® offers two kinds of climbing varieties:
For obelisks:

Do not hesitate to mix the following varieties:
On screens:

Screens are used to define different spaces within a garden. Best recommended varieties to grow on screens are:
Hanging baskets:

We recommend: Stems of these varieties are longer and more flexible than the other ones, giving an extraordinary look to the composition

In conservatory:

Diamantina® varieties thrive very well in conservatory.

Select a sunny area inside your conservatory. A part-time shade will be ideal to help an everlasting blooming.

new usages of Dipladenia

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