Botanical classification
of Mandevilla

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Botanical classification of <i>Mandevilla</i> Mandevilla belongs to the order of Gentianales, to the family of Apocynaceaes and to the sub-family of Apocynoideae.

Dipladenia is also called Mandevilla which creates confusions. As a standard, Dipladenia refers to compact varieties versus Mandevilla that refers to more vigourous types. Botanicaly speaking, all Dipaldenia are Mandevilla.

The name of Mandevilla was named after Sir Henry John MANDEVILLE (1773-1861), a British diplomat based in Buenos Aires. Dipladenia comes from greek "diploos" meaning double and "aden" meaning gland and refers to the two glands located in the ovary of the flower.

Mandevilla gender currently comprises about 50 species.


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