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Learn more about Dipladenia  

Learn more about Dipladenia

Learn more about Dipladenia Dipladenia is also called Mandevilla which creates confusions. As a standard, Dipladenia refers to compact varieties versus Mandevilla that refers to more vigourous types. Botanicaly speaking, all Dipaldenia are Mandevilla.

You will find below various information to better get aquainted with the tropical originated plant:
  • Botanical classification,
    Mandevilla belongs to the order of Gentianales, to the family of Apocynaceaes and to the sub-family of Apocynoideae

  • Origin and history,
    Mandevilla is originated from both south and central America. The most popular variety is Mandevilla sanderi that is the base of the modern hybrids known nowadays. Mandevilla sanderi was discovered in 1840 in upnorth Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

  • Description and biology.
    Plant habit, leaf, flower, fruit, rooting system, physiological features. Discover the Mandevilla specifications.

New plant habits, new colors, Dipladenia is a growing successful plant. The new varieties offers new possibilities to use them in the garden. Discover the new usages of Dipladenia…

Dipladenia is an easy, low maintenance plant. Blooming starts in spring until first frost if you follow some basic requirements:

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