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First business unit was founded in 1964. Since then the company has evolved.

Here are som milestones and major events:

Lannes booth at IPM Essen - Germany - 2013
Lannes booth IPM Essen - 2013

1964 : creation of Entité Arboricole Robert Lannes (Fruit Tree production by Robert Lannes)
1971 : Creation of Lannes horticultural company specialized in indoor plants, mediterranean and tropical plants. 4 employees and 3.200 m2 of greenhouse
1988 : Patrice Lannes starts his carreer
1990 : Specialization of Lannes Horticultural Company in Dipladenia: Sanderi series, amabilis and boliviensis
1999 : Creation of New Plants Motril in Spain
2001 : Jean-Philippe starts his carreer
2003 : Licence Agreement to propagate Sundaville series and the other Suntory Flowers varieties
2004 : Starting of the breeding program on Dipladenia
2007 : Creation of DHM Innovations specialized in R&D for Mandevilla and Hibiscus
2011 : Market introduction of first Diamantina® varieties at the international IPM Essen show and first award for Best Variety with Diamantina® Mandevilla Opale 'Citrine'
2014 : Arnaud Lannes, son of Patrice and Denise Lannes joins the company after obtaining an International Business Management diploma that gave him the opportunity to study in Europe and in North America

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