Multiple usages of the Dipladenia
of the Diamantina® collection


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Gardeners are looking for ever blooming plants. In this respect, Dipladenia varieties are the top 3 bloomers among all the plants available today!

The Diamantina® collection offers a wide range of possibilities: hanging baskets, flower beds, planters, treillis, large containers. Diamantina® varieties can also be mixed with other plants, not to mention the wide range of colors that makes Diamantina® available to all tastes and situations.

Multiple usages of the Dipladenia of the Diamantina® collection For flower beds:

Use the following Diamantina®: Compact varieties with outstanding colors.

For planters:

Use the following Diamantina®: Use the following varieties if you look for trailing Dipladenia:
For balcony:

Climbing Dipladenia can cover larges surfaces with countless flowers. We recommend Diamantina® from the Agathe serie: Agathe 'White', or Agathe 'Scarlet'. Please mix the colors for a fantastic result!

Try Diamantina® Opale 'Citrine' that can bloom 12 months out of the year if placed in a conservatory. Goldy yellow color with astonishing effect!

The newly introduced Diamantina® Tourmaline comprises two bushy plant habit varieties with very large flowers and "tender" pink and rose colors. Please try Tourmaline 'White & Pink Star', Tourmaline 'Deep Rose', Tourmaline 'Rose', Tourmaline 'Rose Splash', Tourmaline 'Pink' ou Tourmaline 'Intense Fuchsia'.

Multiple usages of the Dipladenia of the Diamantina® collection In containers:

Do not hesitate to place containers of Diamantina® where no other plants thrive such as full sun zones. We recommend: Because of the color resistance to the sun and also the drought resistance, the Jade serie is particularly recommended for the most challenging situation!

For walls and lattices:

Depending on the varieties, Diamantina® offers two kinds of climbing varieties:
For obelisks:

Do not hesitate to mix the following varieties:
On screens:

Screens are used to define different spaces within a garden. Best recommended varieties to grow on screens are:
Hanging baskets:

We recommend: Stems of these varieties are longer and more flexible than the other ones, giving an extraordinary look to the composition!

In conservatory:

Diamantina® varieties thrive very well in conservatory.

Select a sunny area inside your conservatory. A part-time shade will be ideal to help an everlasting blooming.


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