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Conseils d'entretien des Dipladenia Diamantina® It is important to keep in minds the two following main requirements:
  • Sun exposure
    For best blooming results, please place the Dipladenia in sunny zones.

  • Sensitivity to compacted soil
    Excess in water can result in compacting the soil that causes lack of air around the rooting system. Water regularly but never in excess.

Other advice:
  • Fertilizer
    Add fertilizer once a month. All purpose fertilizers to enhance blooming are good (12-8-24).

  • Trimming
    No need to trim the Dipladenia except in following situations:
  • Bushy plant types: eliminate the long stretched branches that can appear under low light conditions,
  • Climbing plant types: use a support to lead the plant, making ā€˜Sā€™ shapes with the stems. This technique will stimulate the growth of new flower buds.

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