How to plant Dipladenia


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Pot size, soil… hereafter are few advice before you start planting:
  • Pot size
    You will choose the size of the pot accordingly to what you want to do and how much surface you want to cover.
    For the same surface, you need more 10 cm pots than 17 cm ones. For instance, 1m2 can be covered with 10 pots of 10 cm diameter (Rubis, Jade, Aventurine and Tourmaline series). You need only 5 pots of 17 cm diameter to cover the same surface.

  • Drainage and soil
    Put gravels at the bottom of the pot before adding the soil. Soil must mainly be constituted of peat. You can also add a regular plant soil on top of the pot.

  • Watering
    Water right after the plantation in order to saturate the soil with water. Excess of water will be eliminated through the gravels placed at the bottom of the pot.

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