How to purchase Dipladenia


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Conseils d'achat des Dipladenia Diamantina® Before you buy a Dipladenia, check out the following:
  • Pot size
    Pot size and size of the plant are related. The bigger pot, the larger is the plant. This also indicates that the production leadtime was longer at plant grower level.
    The volume of the plant is also related to the number of pinchings made during the production cycle. In general, 10cm pots are put on retail displays after 2 to 3 pinchings, meaning 4 to 6 branches. In 17 cm pots, you should find 8 to 10 branches (commercialization after 4 to 5 pinchings).

  • Flower buds or not
    Make sure that you see flower buds and not just foliage.

  • Other important things to know
    When cultivated as a bush, Dipladenia should never show long stretched stems.
    Make sure that the plant is sold with a label that certifies the variety and its origin.

The origin of the Dipladenia that you buy

Whether you buy the Dipladenia directly from a grower or from a garden center, you will get a very elaborated product.
Everything started from a cutting manually taken from a 10 to 12 month old mother plant! This cutting is put under special climate conditions to root. Five weeks later, the rooting system is good enough and the young plant is planted in a larger pot (10 to 17 cm or more). Then the finished plant will finally reach the retailer few weeks later.


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