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Selection of Diamantina® collection All Dipladenia of the Diamantina® collection hybrids, result of the breeding program of Lannes R&D known as DHM Innovation.

Hybrids are the results of crossing between male parent lines, using the pollen, with female parent lines using the pistil.

Seeds produced by hybrids are cultivated to obtain finished plants. Only the best ones will be selected and sold to the end-users. Criteria used to make the selection are:
  • Morphological criteria: color and shape of the flower, blooming capacity, plant habit, branching and general aspect of the plant…

  • Physiological criteria: resistance to pests and diseases during plant propagation and during production of finished plants, earliness, color resistance to the sun, plant habit, range of usage in a garden, capacity to grow under cool climate.

It takes a minimum of 6 years to validate a new variety that will be stored in a laboratory as a tissu culture plant for further production. Vegetative propagation is used from mother plants to propagate and cultivate the finished plants you will buy from your retailer.


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