Added value of Diamantina® collection
from stand point selection


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Selection of Diamantina® Dipladenia Added values are noticeable from the very first stage of the selection. Therefore the selection is a collective task within the Lannes companies involving geneticists, plant propagator specialists, production supervisors and sales people..

Criteria used for selection are:
  • Morphological criteria
    Flower size and color, leaf shape, plant habit.

  • Physiological criteria
    A particular attention is devoted to:
  • Blooming earliness,
  • Color stability especially in situations of extreme sunshine.
  • The other physiological criteria are: blooming capacity and flower shelf-life, self-cleaning capacity, branching capacity, disease resistance, drought resistance.

  • Agronomic criteria
    Rooting capacity of URC’s, rooted cutting capacity to grow fast, capacity to grow under low temperature.

  • Market criteria
    Non-commercial tests to measure end-user value perception. We particularly focus on novelty perception, color resistance to the sun, plant habit, earliness, blooming capacity and flower shelf-life, disease resistance, drought resistance.

New potential varieties that do not pass the criteria screening program are definitely eliminated. The new Diamantina® collection is a response to a double challenge:
  • Ornamental quality superiority,
  • End-user satisfaction.

  • The market segmentation helps the plant growers to understand the various usages of the Diamantina® collection comprising a large range of very different varieties.

    Since 2013, the Lannes team has decided to add an "internal" testing phase test in order to guarantee the highest quality possible of its future market introductions. Only the varieties that will positively pass all the tests will go to the plant production step.


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