The end-user segmentation
of the Diamantina® collection


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The end-user segmentation of the Diamantina® collection The Diamantina® collection is organized in different series. Each series comprises varieties with similar caracteristics which are defined through different end-user market segments.

Mini-compact serie - Rubis serie

Mini-compact Dipladenia are used in large quantities in flower beds and in landscaping.

Varieties of this segment gives the possibilities to landscapers to propose Dipladenia to their customers. Mini-compact varieties are also an excellent "price alternative" as they can be produced in very high density.

Compact series - Jade series

Compact Dipladenia are used in planters and other types of containers. Varieties of different colors can be mixed and also mixed with other kinds of plants. End-users are more and more keen on using Dipladenia as they are low maintenace plants and bloom all the time.

This segment is the core business of the Dipladenia business chain, from production to retail.

Trailing serie - Topaze serie

Trailing Dipladenia can be used in large planters and large containers to make a decor on the foreground of the composition. Flower walls and hanging baskets are also ideal situation for trailing Dipladenia of the Diamantina® collection.

Compact-climbing serie - Opale serie

Compact-climbing varieties are suitable for patio and terraces.

Excellent series to produce "ready-to-use" products in 13 to 17 cm pots and ideal finished products to décor the house entrance, a balcony, a patio or to offer as a gift.

Bushy Mandevilla type serie - Tourmaline serie

Tourmaline series makes ideal finished products to decorate the house entrance, a balcony, a patio or to offer as a gift.

Climbing serie – Agathe serie

This series comprises the most vigourous types of Mandevilla and are suitable for very large containers, at the background of flower beds or against a wall. Those varieties are perfect plants to grow on obelisks, arches and pregolas. It is necessary to use a plant support to grow the varieties of the Agathe series.

Summary of the Diamantina® collection segmentation:

Dipladenia type Mandevilla type
(flower beds)
(flower beds and planters)
(hanging baskets)
(patios and terraces)
Bushy Mandevilla
(patios and terraces)
Rubis Jade Topaze Opale Tourmaline Agathe

Rubis 'Red'

Rubis 'Fuchsia'

Jade 'White'

Jade 'Orange Coral'

Jade 'Scarlet'

Jade 'Red'

Jade 'Rose'

Jade 'Pink'

Topaze 'White'

Topaze 'Vermillon'

Opale 'Citrine'

Opale 'Orange Coral'

Opale 'Grenat'

Opale 'Fuchsia Flammé'

Tourmaline 'White & Pink Star'

Tourmaline 'Deep Rose'

Tourmaline 'Rose'

Tourmaline 'Rose Splash'

Tourmaline 'Pink'

Platinium Tourmaline 'Intense Fuchsia'

Agathe 'White'

Agathe 'Scarlet'


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