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of the Diamantina® collection


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Extensive market and product analysis were made prior to the launching of the Diamantina® collection in order to define the best match between market needs and product performances.

Therefore, Lannes strategy is based on two major pillars:
  • Extensive knowledge of the Dipladenia/Mandevilla market,
  • Ongoing analysis of end-user’s needs.

  • As a result, both R&D and marketing teams identified 5 usage market segments.

    Trailing: 5%  
    Flower bed: 10%  
    Climbing: 10% Flower beds and planters: 55%
    Patio and terraces: 20%  

    Since the market is always changing, the market segmentation also evolves year after year. It also important to notice that market segmentation is related to similar consumption habits within an area. Market segmentations are different in the US, in the EU or in Japan.

    Depending on the usage of the final products, our team have identified various categories.

    Flower beds Flower beds and planters Trailing Patio and terraces Climbers
    Small containers and low cost price products 10 to 10,5 cm pots Hanging baskets 13 to 17 cm pots Over 17 cm pots
    10 % 55 % 5 % 20 % 10 %
    Rubis serie Jade series Topaze serie Opale and Tourmaline series Agathe serie

    The Diamantina® collection also comes in:

    Dipladenia type Mandevilla type
    (flower beds)
    (flower beds and planters)
    (hanging baskets)
    (patios and terraces)
    Bushy Mandevilla
    (patios and terraces)
    Rubis Jade Topaze Opale Tourmaline Agathe

    Rubis 'Red'

    Rubis 'Fuchsia'

    Jade 'White'

    Jade 'Orange Coral'

    Jade 'Scarlet'

    Jade 'Red'

    Jade 'Rose'

    Jade 'Pink'

    Topaze 'White'

    Topaze 'Vermillon'

    Opale 'Citrine'

    Opale 'Orange Coral'

    Opale 'Grenat'

    Opale 'Fuchsia Flammé'

    Tourmaline 'White & Pink Star'

    Tourmaline 'Deep Rose'

    Tourmaline 'Rose'

    Tourmaline 'Rose Splash'

    Tourmaline 'Pink'

    Platinium Tourmaline 'Intense Fuchsia'

    Agathe 'White'

    Agathe 'Scarlet'

    On top of being innovative, modern with outstanding performances, the varieties of the Diamantina® collection have all a specific market destination that fits any production program, insuring a commercial success to the plant growers.

    Both innovation in breeding and innovation in marketing represent the main strength of Lannes and make the Dipladenia market a success.


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