Planting Diamantina®


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Planting Diamantina® The plantation step is essential to successfully grow Diamantina® Dipladenia:
  • Receipt of cuttings and young plants:
    Planting must be organized at time of receipt. This prevent the development of Fusarium and Pythium.

  • Sticking and plantation
    Use dust free peat with a pH of 5 to 5,5 maximum. Temperature will be maintained between 18 and 20°C for 3 to 4 weeks with a requested temperature of 20 to 22°C at tablet level.

  • Watering
    First watering is fertilizer free. Second one will be made using a 10/50/10 fertilizer with a concentration of 1 g/l. A 10/10/30 fertilizer with concentration of 0,5 g/l will be used after. Water regularly and make sure that the soil is always humid but keeps it away from water saturation.

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