Pests and diseases of Diamantina®


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Main pests and diseases that could occur on Diamantina® cultures are:

  • Fungi

  • Pythium
    Roots and stems turn black and dry. The plant dies from bottom to top.
    Use appropriate anti-fungus treatment to prevent Pythium contamination.

  • Fusarium oxysporum
    Wilting of old leaves that finally dry is best symptom of Fusarium contamination. Stems turn black from top to bottom. Vaissels turn brown.
    Use clean soil, eliminate contaminated plants and use seaweed base powder to prevent Fusarium contamination.

  • Other fungi
    Most of Oïdium, Rhizoctonia, Botrytis, Colletotrichum (Anthracnose), Cercospora, Corynespora, Phoma contaminations are due to bad cultural practices: lack of light intensity, humidity in excess, too low temperature, inappropriate soil, pH either too high or too low.
    Use authorized anti-fungus to cure contamination and adapt cultural practices accordingly.

  • Pests
    What are they: Aphids, Cocheneals, White flies, Tetranychus (red mites), Tarsonem, Thrips…
    Use biocontrol technics or authorized treatments. Always keep an eye on any kind of "strange" plant behavior to act at the earlier stage possible of the pest contamination.

As with any culture, a general guideline is to keep a careful and regular eye on your plants to detect any signs of disease or pests.


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