Cultural environmental conditions
to grow Diamantina®


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Cultural environmental conditions to grow Diamantina® Both Dipladenia (bush types) and Mandevilla (vigourous types) grow in greenhouses.

The best cultural environmental conditions to grow Diamantina® are:
  • Light intensity
    That is the most important factor to grow the plants successfully.
    Dipladenia are full sun plants and they stay compact only under maximum light exposure condition. The plants stretch as soon as the light intensity drops making it more difficult for them to bloom.
    Growing under low light intensity increases the production lead-time. Conversely, high light intensity shortens the time of production.

  • Temperature
    Warm climate is required to grow the plants.
    There is a correlation between temperature and light. The required average production temperature is around 18°C. However, the temperature can go as high as 25 to 28°C only under the condition of maximum light intensity.
    In case of overcast weather, it is recommended to lower the temperature to 12 to 14°C in order to avoid the stretching reaction to start. However, going lower than 12°C wil result in damaging the plants.

  • And also:
  • Keep an excellent air circulation in the greenhouse during the day,

  • Keep the glass clean in and out when using glass greenhouses,

  • Renew the plastic coverage of the plastic greenhouse every 3 years.


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