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Please find below the complete collection of Diamantina® Dipladenia.

From the most compact varieties of the Diamantina® Rubis (10-15 cm high) series to the climbing ones of the Agathe series (over 1.20 m), all varieties are unique because of their colors, their flower/leaf shape or their growing habit.

The new Diamantina®

Diamantina® Rubis

Compact Dipladenia of 10 to 20 cm height suitable for flower beds and edges of planters.

New varieties coming up!

The following varieties are only available outside Europe.

Diamantina® Jade

Half-compact Dipladenia that can grow as high as 25 to 30 cm high. Varieties are suitable for planters, containers and flower beds.

Diamantina® Aventurine

Upright variety of 30 to 40 cm height. suitable for planters, containers and flower beds.

Diamantina® Topaze

To be grown on a treillis or on a stick. Can also be used as a trailing plant in hanging baskets containers and planters.

Diamantina® Opale

To be grown on a treillis of 40 to 45 cm height. Suitable for planters and containers. Excellent varieties to make flower decor on a patio, a terrace, a balcony or at the entrance of a house.

Opale 'Citrine' is the first Yellow Dipladenia ever created worldwide and was rewarded "Best variety of the Year" by the jury of the IPM Essen show, Germany in 2011. Still today, Citrine is the only yellow Mandevilla available on the market.

Diamantina® Tourmaline

Compact Dipladenia very floriferous suitable for plantation in large containers. The star shape flower is very large with a nice shaded color that gives an outstanding effect to the varieties of this series.

The Tourmaline varieties are part of Mandevilla type. The "non-climbing" habit helps to keep labor cost on a low level as there is no need to attach the branches to a support.

Diamantina® Agathe

Very vigourous and floriferous, these climbing Dipladenia requires a support such as a treillis to grow (over 1.20 m high). Varieties are suitable for plantation in large containers and in flower beds.

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