The business chain development
of Diamantina®


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The business chain development of Diamantina® is standard, but each step is thoroughly controlled:
  • Selection
    Selection is made from hybrids of dozens of plants. The first steps lasts 2 to 3 years. Only 1/1000 plants are selected for further tests in the following 3 years. The last year selection involves our direct customers.

  • Protection
    Once the final selection is made, all varieties are protected either through PBR or PPA depending on the country.

  • Storage
    All selected varieties are stored in the form of tissu culture plants until the mother plant production process starts.

  • Propagation
    As soon as the mother plant production step is validated, propagation of Elite materials starts. URC’s will be further on produced by the mother plants.

Lannes controls the entire chain development until this stage.

  • Production
    Rooted cuttings and young plants are planted in 7 to 17 cm pots depending on the variety.


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