The Diamantina® collection,
result of DHM Innovation


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DHM Innovations, the R&D unit behind the Diamantina® collection The Diamantina® collection was created by DHM Innovation. Thanks to the DHM team comprising 6 people 100% dedicated to plant innovation. DHM Innovation was created in 2008 and stands for Dipladenia (D), Hibiscus (H), Mandevilla (M).

The two main directions taken by DHM Innovation are breeding and plant physiology. Lots of partnerships were developed over the last years between DHM Innovation and other companies:
  • Laboratories specialized in plant research
    Tissu culture, plant architecture model, physiology of the reserves of the plants.

  • Other laboratories
    Molecular biology, cytology and cariology.

  • Plant propagation units
    Lannes has developed extensive studies on the micro mother plant subject with a main goal to control the propagation of the new varieties of the Diamantina® collection.

Transfer of technologies happened from third parties to Lannes and also from Lannes to specific partners.

Lannes works also in close contact with the web of French Experimental Stations called Astredhor in order to benchmark its new varieties against the competition.


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