The expertise of DHM Innovation
on Dipladenia


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The expertise of DHM Innovation on Dipladenia The new varieties of the Diamantina® collection that were introduced as soon as 2010-2011 are the result of an extensive investment program made by DHM Innovation that also helped to develop an expertise in various areas of plant biology:
  • Physiology of plant reserves
    Those researches resulted in improving the mother plant capacity to produce URC's.

  • The plant architecture model
    This is the base of our plant propagation process.

  • Molecular biology
    That led to the implementation of micro-satellites helping to:
  • Control variety identity,
  • Control that Diamantina® varieties are true hybrids,
  • Compare genetic sources in order to identify potential parent lines,
  • Understand failures and breeding problems related…

  • Cytology and caryology
    These techniques are used to detect double-gametes and to control the cell duplication.

  • Tissu culture
    All protocols to propagate our Diamanatina® varieties have been defined. We use the tissu culture technic to:
  • Store parent lines of our selected varieties,
  • Produce Elite materials requested by plant propagators.
  • Regular checking processes are in place at tissu culture level.

  • Crossing and hybridization methods
    Since natural pollination cannot occur under our climate, we had to understand the factors that influence the production of true hybrids.

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