Diamantina® Dipladenia
for professionals


Diamantina® Dipladenia for professionals

The Diamantina® Dipladenia collection Professionals, discover: Diversification-, originality, authenticity-plant protection and market segmentation-usages are three essential trait combinations that strengthen Diamantina®:
  • Diamantina® and criteria used for selection
    The plant selection is severe and takes into consideration lots of criteria. The consumer judgment of new varieties is also taken into account.

  • Diamantina®, breeding and plant protection
    Lannes has developed an expertise in Mandevilla breeding technics, using molecular technologies that helps to predict the result of a breeding as well as to insure the plant protection of Diamantina®.

  • Diamantina® and commercialization
    Diamantina® has been introduced to the market under different market segments that help the understanding of the users whether growers or end-users.

Diamantina® was launched after extensive studies resulting in a matrix segmentation: Culture of Diamantina® Dipladenia Some advice to grow Diamantina® Dipladenia:
  • Environment
    The Dipladenia are originated from tropical climates and requires appropriate climate controlled greenhouses to be produced.

  • Plantation
    Cuttings must be planted at time of reception. Soil, watering and temperature must be controlled carefully.

  • Pinching
    Pinching is essential to keep control over the plant shape.

  • Control over compactness
    PGR applications keep the Dipladenia compact.

  • Pests and Diseases
    Fungus and pests must be controlled at all time.

Diamantina® was developped because of a large investment program made by Lannes in R&D:

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